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Aircraft Ownership & Flight Club in Bolingbrook Illinois

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Our Club

We are working to build a community that is passionate about sharing the gift of flight. Often the hurdles to get into or stay current with flying can seem endless. We want to break some of these barriers. Whether you are just beginning your aviation journey, a pilot who wants to build more hours, or an experienced aviator who’s looking to maintain currency, we welcome you! We look forward to joining forces and combining our skills and knowledge to become better aviators together.

Speaking of removing barriers…

Wet rate of $50 / Hour!

Low monthly dues!

Ownership share is only $5000 and can sell at will!

Our Airplane

Zenith 750 Cruzer

Zenith 750 Cruzer

  • 2017 Zenith CH750 Cruzer
  • Light Sport Aircraft
  • 2017 Continental O-200-D Engine
  • GRT Avionics Sport EX EFIS
  • Hangared at Bolingbrook-Clow Airport (1C5)

2017 Finalist in EAA’s Give Flight Competition!

Our Location

Clow International Airport (1C5)

Bolingbrook, IL


Our Plane is Located in the EAA Chapter 461 Hangar


Our plane is available 7 days a week to all members!

Family Friendly

Bring the kids, burgers (veggy or meat), and your passion for flying!

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